For a limited time we are offering special pricing for Human WGS:

120Gb of sequencing data for $999 (regular price $1187)

Sample submission guidelines:

  1. Currently we can only accept pooled libraries of any type or ultra-pure DNA samples for sequencing.
  2. When shipping, we strongly encourage pooled libraries be submitted in 1.5ml tubes. DNA samples may be submitted in 1.5ml tubes, PCR strip tubes, or 96-well PCR plates. Seal tubes and plates to prevent leakage or cross-contamination. The NTGC is not responsible for sample leakage during shipment.
  3. Please label samples clearly. Label 1.5ml tubes on both the side and on top of the tube. For strip tubes, label the first and last tube (please keep samples in the same order as listed on the Sample Submission Form). Label plates on front of plate. Sample IDs must be unique identifiers for each sample. Samples cannot be named generically (e.g. Sample 1, Sample 2, etc.).
  4. For pooled libraries, please submit 500ul at a concentration of 10nM..
  5. For DNA samples, please ensure a 260:280 of 1.8-2.0 and a 260:230 of 2.0-2.2. Please submit a minimum of 1ug of DNA in a volume of 50ul.. Input quantity should be obtained by fluorescent assay for the most accurate results.
  6. Please make sure samples are shipped in the proper storage conditions. For pooled libraries, please ship with dry ice. DNA samples should be shipped with wet ice or ice packs. If dropping samples off in person, samples can be stored on wet ice or ice packs.
  7. Please fill out completely the Sample Submission Form. Send one completed copy via email to Please print out a second completed copy and submit with your samples. If you have questions when filling out the submission form, please email ntgc@uta.eduPlease ship samples to:

ATTN: Kelly Sheff
ERB Building
500 UTA Blvd., Suite 226
Arlington, TX 76010

If you are delivering samples in person, please visit us on the 4th floor of the ERB building in lab ERB474.

For quotation requests please contact us via phone or email:
Kelly Sheff, Manager, NTGC OR
817-272-9615 – Lab phone OR 970-631-0353 – Cell phone

Please send Purchase Orders (PO’s) to:
Elisha Cotton



Pricing for customer-prepared and pooled libraries of any type
billion reads length tbp ut-system
s2 flowcell
4.2 50pe 0.41 $13,130 $15,445 $17,760
s2 flowcell 4.2 100pe .83 $17,283 $ 20,333
$ 23,383
s2 flowcell
4.2 150pe 1.25 $ 19,656
$ 23,126
s4 flowcell 11.3 150pe 3 $ 25,509
$30,015 $ 34,521
*pricing includes $50 for pooled library qc
Pricing for genomic dna library preparation and sequencing
gb output
coverage minum samples
per order
human wgs
120gb 30x 8 $1,187 $1,349 $1,619
*pricing includes library prep using the illumina nextera dna flex kit, library qc, sequencing space on an s4 flow cell, and demultiplexed fastq data accessible through basespace cloud