The North Texas Genome Center represents a collaborative venture between multiple universities, medical centers, and corporate partners to establish a center of excellence for genomics and high throughput sequencing.

As a CLIA-accredited facility, the NTGC is uniquely positioned to support and serve the North Texas community and its health care providers during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

For more information while we retool our website, please contact Dr. Jon Weidanz, or Ms. Anajane Smith

The NTGC, a foundational element of UTA’s Science & Engineering Innovation & Research, or SEIR, building, features two NovaSeq 6000 genome-scale sequencing systems, which is the most powerful line from Illumina, the world leader in genome sequencing technology.As one of only a few centers in the central U.S. featuring NovaSeq6000s platform, the NTGC has the capacity to sequence over 10,000 human genomes annually.

Through the Texas Genomics Core Alliance formed with Texas A&M University, the NTGC offers high-speed and low-cost library preparation and sequencing services. This partnership provides sequencing as a service to enhance innovation across the biotechnology and biomedical industries.