UTA’s Marquerite Herzog awarded 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Marquerite Herzog, a biology doctoral student at The University of Texas at Arlington, has been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to study the molecular genetic basis of changes in behavior seen when an individual loses during an aggressive conflict. These traits, which often include a period of time of isolation or submissiveness, are often referred to as the “loser” effect.

Marquerite Herzog, a UTA biology doctoral student

UTA startup AbeXXa Biologics, reimagining cancer immunotherapy with global pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim

AbeXXa Biologics, named as one of the 40 Best University Startups1 in 2017, has received an initial investment from the Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund and signed a collaborative research agreement with the global corporation Boehringer Ingelheim.  AbeXXa is a faculty start-up from The University of Texas at Arlington. This dynamic company is breaking new ground in a field of research that has the potential for developing a menu of antibody-based therapies that could benefit much larger numbers of cancer patients.

Jon Weidanz, co-founder of AbeXXa, biology professor and associate vice president of research and interim director of UTA’s North Texas Genome Center

New North Texas Genome Center to provide massive DNA sequencing capability for regional biotech and medical research

The ability to rapidly sequence genomes, DNA and RNA is providing doctors, scientists and engineers critical new tools in healthcare delivery and research and is changing the way that doctors treat patients. Whole genome sequencing is becoming the foundation for precision health, a rapidly growing field that examines differences in people’s genetic makeup to provide more personalized and effective healthcare solutions.

Genomics Composit Image